Text Messaging Rate Plans

We may be able to fully automate sending out text messaging notifications depending upon access to your scheduling database or customer relationship management system. Rates work out to a fraction of a cent per text and a few cents for each picture text.
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First, a few technical terms:

SMS (Short Messaging Service): A text message

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service): A text message with an image attachment

Long Code: Like a ten digit telephone number. Note: you can now get your own local phone number for sending out text messages and attaching pictures. Cost is only $1 a month.

Short Code: Like a short telephone number (Ex.: 40214)

Premium Short Code: An easily remembered short code (Ex.: 22222 or 90210 or 12345)

Domestic Phone Numbers: Within the United States. Note: we don't provide international text messaging.

There is a one time setup fee for an account of $100. We will waive this charge if it is bundle with a custom programming solution.  Contacts are month to month but, if you cancel, you have to pay the $100 again to reactivate your account. Your local phone number costs $1 a month. Short Codes and Premium Short Codes are extra.

Text Messaging Monthly Rate Chart:

Rate PlanTexts Per MonthCostCost Per MMS*Cost Per OverageRollover
Bronze 1,000 $50 5 cents ea. $20 per 500 texts No
Silver 3,000 $75 3 cents ea. $15 per 500 texts No
Gold 5,000 $100 2 cents ea. $10 per 500 texts For 6 Months
Platinum 5,000+ Call For Pricing   

* MMS - Text with an image attachment

 We charge reasonable hourly rates with bulk discounts or we can quote you a price. See our rates on our Pricing Page or call us at (561) 852-6508 or Contact Us.