Website Hosting

We once were in the web hosting business. We set up an office and had a Web Server, and Email Server, and a Primary Domain Name Server and a Secondary Domain Name Server.  We stopped ever since Hurricane Wilma hit South Florida. The hurricane knocked down the out internet access and our clients were down for a week. When the internet was restored by what was Bell South at the time, a truck hit the dangling lines and shut us down again. We had several hundred email accounts but email was more of a lost leader since everyone was supplying email accounts for very to little money. Also, we had to deal with spam and being blacklisted from services such as AOL.

About 7 years ago, we met up with the owner of Applied Innovations (see: and we never looked back. Applied Innovations

Now you could go directly to Applied Innovations for Website Hosting and Cloud Server Hosting.  You will still have access to their incredible support staff.  We are value added resellers of  Most of the time, any issues that you have with your web site or cloud server can be solved  by us. In essence, you have "Double Support"! We charge $10 a month for basic website and email hosting. WordPress sites or sites that require .PHP and a MySql database are $20 a month. .Net Shopping Cart sites such as nopCommerce that require a static ip and a Sql Server database are $25 a month. Static Ips are $4.95 a month.