Database Technologies

Database TechnologiesWe have been working with databases for over 30 years. We know how to set up the table structures, normalize the database so as to not have any data unnecessarily repeating itself accross various tables, and setting up the indexes for high speed look ups.

We have experience with connecting to SQL Server, SyBase, Oracle, SQL Anywhere, NoSQL, and MySQL databases to name a few. For legacy databases such as FoxPro, we connect through OleDb. We can even convert FilePro databases. If we have the proper OleDb (Object Linking and Embedding Database) driver and the propper connection information, we can read to, write to, or port over to another database just about any software application out there. If we can't connect directly to the database, many applications use APIs (Application Programmer Interface) and REST APIs that expose methods in software to allow us to read and write to the software's database. QuickBooks is a good example of a software application that has an API that allows us to write code to do such operations as posting sales orders to QuickBooks or reading customer credit limits.

We charge reasonable hourly rates with bulk discounts or we can quote you a price. See our rates on our Pricing Page or call us at (561) 302-0662 or Contact Us.