Custom QuickBooks AppsQuickBooks is the most popular accounting software application for running most businesses.  It is very powerful for the cost and has extensive reporting capabilities. However, in the goal of making it as generic as possible, QuickBooks had to place certain limits to make it a solid product. This is where Custom Apps 360, LLC comes to the rescue. As a member of QuickBooks IDN (Intuit Developer's Network see: for over a dozen years now, we have been able to create custom soltuions for businesses in which QuickBooks is lacking.

Main Reasons for Custom QuickBooks Apps:

  • Eliminate Double-Entry Work! If you are manually entering data into QuickBooks that was entered from another application, you are doing Double-Entry Work! If the original information can be accessed electronically (Ex. a spreadsheet of orders from your website), we may be able to post this information to QuickBooks. Not only is this a time saver but, more importantly, it leads to better quality data.
  • Anything that can eliminate manual data entry and can be automated or semi-automated is a tremendous time and money saver.
  • Similarly, bridging QuickBooks and other applications (Ex. websites) within your company in order to synchronize data.
  • Your company has a unique idiosynchratic order entry system.
  • Your company has esoteric reports that QuickBooks does not have.
  • Your company neeeds custom reports that combine data from QuickBooks and other Company Programs or files.
  • Batch generation of QuickBooks data to custom spreadsheets and custom .pdf.
  • Broadcast capabilities for emailing or text messaging information retrieved from QuickBooks.

We charge reasonable hourly rates with bulk discounts or we can quote you a price. See our rates on our Pricing Page or call us at (561) 852-6508 or Contact Us.

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QuickBooks Cheese Distributor

This custom app makes up for a couple of shortcomings of QuickBooks: Order Entry and Batch PDF Generation

QuickBooks Miko Mechanical Custom Excel Report

Although QuickBooks has extensive reporting capabilities, Miko Mechanical was in need of some custom work to combine estimates and actual work performed in order to get daily snap shots of how each job was doing. The result is our custom app is the daily creation of Excel Spreadsheets complete with formulas so that Miko Mechanical can easily make necessary adjustments.

QuickBooks Pura Stainless Website Orders Import

A typical request for integrating two mutually exclusive applications is to post orders coming from a website or fulfillment center into QuickBooks.