QuickBooks Pura Stainless Website Orders Import

A typical request for integrating two mutually exclusive applications is to post orders coming from a website or fulfillment center into QuickBooks.

Pura Stainless Custom QuickBooks Website Orders ImportPura Stainless (see: gets weekly spreadsheets from their fulfillment center and posts those orders to QuickBooks through a custom application we wrote.  The orders come in the form of an Excel Spreadsheet.

Starting at $2,500, this program will save you unlimited time and money in years to come.

The program runs an easy 3 Step Process:

  1. Select the Excel Spreadsheet file to be imported.
  2. Post the orders to QuickBooks.
  3. Print a report of which orders did and did not post.

If an order did not post, it is usally for one of 2 reasons:

  1. The order was a Duplicate. We check for the order already existing in QuickBooks so it will not post twice and therefore, you can run or accidentally run the same process twice with no reprecussions.
  2. A credit limit for the customer has surpassed and QuickBooks business rules will not allow the order to be imported.

Further customization is available. See our rates on our Pricing Page or call us at (561) 852-6508 or Contact Us.

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