This page is a work in progress but, it may prove very informative. As a programmer, I am always tinkering with various programming capabilities.  Some of the technologies may or may not be mainstream today but, I believe they are worth looking into.  For example: about a 1/2 dozen years ago, I started looking into Lego Mindstorms. Lego sells kits for creating a variety of machines with robotic capabilities. You can program in a C type programming language that allows you to tell the robot what to do when a touch sensor or motion sensor or sound sensor or other types of sensors are triggered.  As of late, I've been looking into Arduino programmable circuit board (also with a C type programming language) and this whole emerging Maker crowd. I don't see many full time programming positions as of this writing. That is not to say that they are not out there but, it's worth while keeping an eye on this stuff just for the fun of it.

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Custom FaceBook App - Famous Birthdays

FaceBook has a developer environment that allows some access to a FaceBook user's profile if they subscribe to your app. Check out an example at
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