FilePro 16One of my first jobs out of college was with a company called, "The Small Computer Company". Based out of New York City, The Small Computer Company was one of the first companies to create applications for the emerging Personal Computer Industry.  Their first 4th Generation Relational Database Application was designed for the TRS Model 80. If I'm dating myself, TRS is short for Tandy Radio Shack.  In the earliest days of personal computers, Radio Shack was one of the leaders in the industry.  The Small Computer Company's ProFile program was the first application for PCs that could be customized for various business applications. Tandy saw this and added ProFile to their product line. The name was changed FilePro and then to FilePro 16.  Many X-Based Database Applications emerged and became multi-million dollar companies overnight.  Rivals to FilePro included DBase, Clipper, and FoxPro. Unfortunately, The Small Computer Company could never break free from the "Small" part of their company name. 

One interesting piece of trivia is that Bill Prady was one of the three principals when The Small Computer Company was established. Bill left The Small Computer Company to work with Jim Henson of The Muppets fame.  Bill's latest stint in show business is as Executive Producer of The Big Bang Theory. Another principal or The Small Computer Company was the president, Howard Wolowitz.  For those familiar with The Big Bang Theory, the character Howard Wolowitz was named after none other than the president of The Small Computer Company.

I haven't programmed in FilePro for over 20 years. Until now that is. One of my clients in New York called me recently and is having me rewrite the FilePro program I wrote for him 25 years ago.  Apparently he is still using the program to run his accounting practice but, it doesn't run under the latest version of Windows and he is down to one virtual machine running Windows XP.

Although we will not write any new code in FilePro, we will convert your application to a more modern day Microsoft .Net program written in C# and using SQL Server as the native database.

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