QuickBooks Miko Mechanical Custom Excel Report

Although QuickBooks has extensive reporting capabilities, Miko Mechanical was in need of some custom work to combine estimates and actual work performed in order to get daily snap shots of how each job was doing. The result is our custom app is the daily creation of Excel Spreadsheets complete with formulas so that Miko Mechanical can easily make necessary adjustments.

Miko Mechanical (see: is using a custom QuickBooks program on a daily basis to analize the various jobs. The owner of Miko Mechanical contacted us and informed us that he has to piece together various QuickBooks reports in order  to get a snap shot of how each job is doing. Our custom app generates Excel Spreadsheets for each job that combine estimates for time and billing versus actual. Excel formulas are also added through code so that all Miko Mechanical has to do is enter the adjustment figures.  This has saved Miko Mechanical several hours a day and a countless dollar amount by able to now accurately keep track of each job.

Starting at $5,000, Custom Apps 360, LLC can set something similar up for your company.

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